How do you protect/balance your energy when you are constantly attending events online?

There are a lot of online events going on right now.

And they’ll continue to be across many dev and testing communities. Small ones, medium ones, big ones and every size you can think of.

It’s a lot to take in, particularly when our time is precious at work and in life.

I’m curious to know, how do you protect/balance your energy when you are constantly attending events online?


A lot of these are in different time zones, so I listen to recordings for those in the background, while I work, if recordings are available. It’s hard to choose what to watch and what not since there are so many of these events lately.


Same! When I have some leftover time I can just watch a recording instead of watching it live.
I love it that many people do it online these days, it allows me to gain more knowledge this way :slight_smile:


Similar to whats already been said. I often sign up for events, not knowing if I’ll be able to attend live. I try attend live wherever possible.

Getting sent links to the videos afterwards is usually great. Lots of places out them on YouTube. So I can follow the channel, and get notified about other content.

I also have accepted that there is so much content, I’ll miss some of it.


I think the easiest way is to avoid constantly attending events online :wink:

I’ve done an occasional online Meetup or conference, but realized pretty early on in the pandemic that it’s a poor facsimile for what I value the most out of conferences, which is the hallway track. Sure, Slack or Twitter or other side-channels help, but I’ve ended up opting out of most of these online events.

I do appreciate that there are more options now, especially for those where the cost of attending an in-person conference was prohibitive, but at this point, an online conference doesn’t add enough value over a YouTube video of a previous conference (which was already low value to me). I’d rather spend my time reading several blog posts and trying things out than watching pre-recorded (or live streamed) talks.


When events started really going online, I though that as someone who never ever went to an in person QA event, that this was my way in. But I found my first online event overloaded me with ideas, and to be frank, joining in person or online one event per year is plenty enough.

I’m more tightly focused at any one time lately, and perhaps too busy on the job. So most conferences don’t have anything for me and are easy to skip. Being able to pick up content later and be more specific in my consuming and only take in targeted lessons has been really useful.