How do you react when you see bugs during a presentation?

Since we are testers and know the software really well it is not uncommon to be asked to present the software to clients or other collegues.

But did it ever happen to you that you saw bugs while presenting?
If yes how did you react?
What advice would you give to others in case this happends to them?

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This weekend I was watching a training video, the first slide stated:

  • In order of popularity, there are 3 ways to shift places “up”, “down” and “follow”.

It then proceeded to show the moves for “up”, and “follow”.

At which point I completely got confused because I had expected to see the commands for “up”, “down” and then finally for “follow”. So I made a remark about “down” looking more like “follow”. Only to later learn, that no the video was correct, I was just not “following” well. So mostly I just say, “hey, that was confusing”, can you do that again for me?


Now we are showing our beta version. Some problems occurred in the demonstration process are being repaired by our development engineers

Nice Youtube Short, going to think to build that into a presentation one day :smiley:

But how do I react when I see bugs during a presentation?
The question also would be if it would be our own presentation, then we could show that our dev team are on the way fixing it and giving transparent information on when this would happen.

But when I see a presentation where I or our team have no credits, then I take notes or even screenshots and later contact the people who are showing this and the responsible dev team to share my thoughts and ideas about what I saw, so I don’t expose them in front of others. This is basically the best way to interact with others and in 90% of the cases I did this, they have been open minded and then thought of even inserting a tester role into their team, so that their quality became better at the end. Quality over quantity.

But I always communicated this in a very calm way so that they did not feel confronted or intimidated.

But we could also try to take videos of ourselves when we see a presentation with bugs :smiley:

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Some people pre-record videos for product presentations. Those that are are truly courageous do live demos. If a bug happens to make a cameo during a live demo… well… it happens. It can be comparable to breaking a string mid guitar solo. Sometimes it can be a little scary, other times I might try to explain that it is a new feature :slight_smile:

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what worries me more, is when teams are unable to do a walkthrough before the live demo, or even record a demo for later. If you have not got time to do either of these, you are not really ready to hand over. If your team does a release every single week, or a release every 4 hours, then your demo, is literally a wave of your test report. Context rules. So lack of demos translates to every single team regardless of context - even if all you release is an API, you can still prove that it was worth all of your effort. And how we react needs to be very carefully considered, if you don’t want embarrassing questions in your demo, do a dry run. Very simple.

Oh BTW @restertest your YT short has either expired or been taken down.