How do you react when you see bugs during a presentation?

Since we are testers and know the software really well it is not uncommon to be asked to present the software to clients or other collegues.

But did it ever happen to you that you saw bugs while presenting?
If yes how did you react?
What advice would you give to others in case this happends to them?

This weekend I was watching a training video, the first slide stated:

  • In order of popularity, there are 3 ways to shift places “up”, “down” and “follow”.

It then proceeded to show the moves for “up”, and “follow”.

At which point I completely got confused because I had expected to see the commands for “up”, “down” and then finally for “follow”. So I made a remark about “down” looking more like “follow”. Only to later learn, that no the video was correct, I was just not “following” well. So mostly I just say, “hey, that was confusing”, can you do that again for me?