Created my first course: Bug Advocacy & Beyond

I have recently launched my first course on Bug Advocacy & Beyond.

This is like a starting for me towards some form of formal video content creation.

I have condensed a lot of real tricks of the trade (that work) into this course.

You can check it out here: Bug Advocacy: Report Bugs that Get Fixed, Like a Pro

I have tried to keep the cost to a bare minimum so that a maximum number of folks can take benefit from this foundational testing skill.

However, If you are a beginner or student or out of a job; DM me for a discount code. We can also explore possibilities to share this with you for absolutely free.

If you already know this stuff, you can help me by sharing this with your network / team :slight_smile:

Why do I feel that this course is important & foundational?

Testing is a social process. :orange_heart:

Developers are often over-committed. :open_mouth:

The manager wants the make a quick release or deliver on already-made promises. :roll_eyes:

No one wants to hear any bad news. :zipper_mouth_face:

What if there is bad news at the last moment? :thinking:

How to convey such news to drive action?

How to advocate for it?

How to give information so that the developer doesn’t have to come back to you with obvious questions?

How to use your reports to build your credibility in the team?

My this course on bug advocacy deals with all this and beyond :rocket:


Hi Rahul,
I just enrolled in the course, I like a lot of the content on TheTestTribe site, I enrolled on the Robert Sabourin course a couple of weeks ago after reading some really good reviews on Linkedin. I hope the course goes well for you.



Thanks a ton, Martin :slight_smile: