How do you structure your documentation repositories in Confluence (or similar)

I am tasked to propose a base structure for the Confluence page for our own team. I tried searching for this topic here but seems to be something that hasn’t been discussed.

How do you structure your documentation in the QA space? Below is what I have come up with so far.

  • Onboarding
    – 00 - Onboarding Schedule
    – 01 - Getting Started
    – 02 - Systems Overview
    – 03 - QA Process
    – 04 - QA Defect Management
    – 05 - Using the test case management tool
    – 06 - Application Links & References
    – 07 - Scrum for QA
  • Test Case Repository
  • How to Test Guides
  • Test Automation
    – Development Environment Setup
    – Writing Automation Test Cases
    – API Automation Best Practices
  • Production Release Plan
  • Training Resources

It looks like a good start.

I don’t think there is any one solution to this as each company is different.

What I will add is, I find the use of emojis at the beginning of page titles that are the β€œindex” pages to the child content helpful; It is easier to navigate.


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Makes sense. Actually, I had some difficulty coming up with a one size fits all structure, but being a base structure, there could be common ground at least.

Also, those emojis looks nice for index pages :smiley:

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