The evolving idea of something I call QA Fortress

(Vanja) #1

This is a project I’ve been working on for pass few months. It basically begin when I made a decision to arrange all the tools I’ve been using for any kind of testing approach, along with notes I had next to them.

All tools became mental map structure with explanation of what is usage of each tool, and notes are becoming 'local documentation" of each tool as you’re reading this.

I’m welcoming you to be part of this community project, where we can share tools, knowledge, help each other with instructions on how to use each tool and for what purpose in form of writing up to date local documentation, that is basically extract of official tool’s documentation, but for simple/instant usage.

Here is github repo - with lot more explained about this idea.

Please feel free to ask me anything about project or beyond that. :slight_smile:

(Rob) #2

Hi Vanja,

Is the idea to allow testers to use the resource like a flow-chart? E.g. “If I want to perform X type of testing, then I should look into the following tools”?

(Vanja) #3

Hi Rob,

yea, that’s right. :slight_smile: And we will have so called ‘local documentation’ to see how exactly.

Also in the moment I’m working on this thing from TODO list that says:
"Arrange project inside robust test management tool or on presentation website with advanced search, or… "; so it could have batter structure, because mental map is actually my “mind flow” which I’m trying to get closer to community’s understanding and usage. :slight_smile:

(Petr) #4

It’s actually a really great idea. This will mainly help newbies in our industry a lot! It would be nice to translate everything in English first maybe I can somehow help with you with that? Ia m from Czech republic and it’s quite readable for me. what do you think?

(Vanja) #5

Hey Petr,

thank you very much, I appreciate you being interested in project and for for the compliment. :slight_smile:

Yea, I have in my “internal” todo list written down that I have to translate everything in english, i.e. ‘QA Fortress Initial papers’ and sheet with ‘Types of testing approaches’.

Initial papers are actually notes that I take while working, and later on translate and format into QA Fortress structure, but I’m gonna keep it in english in the future (everything written in the past is already structured into QA Fort, so I think there is no need for translation).

And with Types of testing approaches you can help me out, sure, you can start and I will join you from time to time -> I’m gonna allow visitors to post comments on sheet. :slight_smile: How does that sound to you?