TestBash World 2022 - Mind Maps as Agile Test Plans and More! wit Kiruthika Ganesan

In this talk, @kika will help you understand:

  • The transformation of Agile Test plans and how they can be lightweight
  • Practical example of the various levels of test plans, how to link them together and get a living documentation out of them
  • Some limitations to the aware of and how to navigate through them

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions Answered Live

Anonymous: What’s the biggest mind map you’ve ever created? And what was it for?

Unanswered Questions

David Duke: How have you convinced Devs/Project/Program/Business peeps to embrace Mind Maps over traditional test planning documents? Maybe you’re going to get to this.

@benmue Is there a way to create metrics from mindmaps?

@ibironke from motlagosNG: What tool specifically did you use to draw the map

@ravidsinghbiz singhbiz: Have you considered writing your mind map as code?

@mariom83 : This map reminds me when i created logistic process in warehouse (one of service). I have to spend a lot of time (few days)to plan all moves/process

@emna_ayadi : How did you put it in practice within complex product ? How do you split it in different cases ?

Anonymous: How has colour and iconography on mind maps helped? What colours have invoked different reactions from your audience?

@melissafisher: Are there tools you recommend to start doing mind maps?

Anonymous: Have you ever created a mind map for something you never thought you’d use a mind map for?

@simon_tomes : That Epic mind map is super helpful. Would you be open to making that publicly available as a template for others to use?

@earniewong : Similar to what Melissa asked above: what mindmaps tools would you recommend (free and paid)?

@jenbauer : Is there an Open Source mind map software that you recommend that integrates well with Confluence or other typical knowledge management systems?

Resources Mentioned



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