Mindmaps for test design?


Does anyone know where to find cool mind maps like the ones Testinsane used to have? It seems his repository isn’t available anymore. I’ve found some broken links to mind maps in MoT, but maybe they are located somewhere I haven’t seen (yet).

I’m specifically looking for mind maps on test design, web application testing and usability.

Any help much appreciated.


Welcome to the community! <3

What was the title of the link that you were clicking on?

Perhaps one of these:

You can use the search on the site also, there are many results you might find it like that.


Here’s another one that’s just appeared on my radar. A handy mindmap about Exploratory Testing, courtesy of @parwalrahul: Rahul Parwal on LinkedIn: Exploratory Testing

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Hi Kristof,

Thank you for replying, and for the links.

I can’t find the broken links now, only Test insane’s http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/ but I’ll definitely check out the ones you’ve linked to.

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Thanks for the share, Simon :slight_smile:

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I do a lot of mind-mapping around testing concepts.

You can find mindmaps on these topics in the ebook that I authored based on my note-taking in a software testing conference: https://www.thetesttribe.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/TestFlix-2020-eBook.pdf

I also add mindmaps to my blog posts on my website here: mindmap - Testing Titbits | Rahul Parwal

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