How does understanding the psychology of web performance help your customers?

@marie.drake led a brilliant Masterclass webinar. The recording will be available exclusively to MoT Pro Members in the coming weeks. Thank you, Marie. :raised_hands:t2:

It was enlightening and powerful to get us testers thinking about user experience beyond just the metrics. Marie provided a whole new set of oracles to call on during our testing efforts. Nice one!

It stood out that we tend to focus on objective performance measures. When actually we perceive time differently based on how we are enjoying a certain experience. And the perception can make all the difference even if we’re improving the objective measures. Fascinating!

The following questions were answered by Marie:

  1. Do you know if frustration with slow loading has gotten worse over time? i.e were people as annoyed with waiting when they were on dial-up? Will they become more impatient when internet speed improve further? β€” Gwen Diagram
  2. What are some good ways we can find out how long the majority of customers are happy to wait for? β€” Gwen Diagram
  3. How might the rise of multimedia banner adverts impact on the sense of waiting? Is there a correlation between accepting a longer wait with a site that’s full of adverts? β€” Simon Tomes
  4. Is there a way to measure how many users leaves your website before it completely loads? Just wondering if is there any way to get some numbers like that β€” Fernando Teixeira
  5. How would you change your approach between mobile and desktop web performance? β€” Aj Wilson
  6. Along with David Maister, who else is sharing helpful information about waiting and user experience? - Simon Tomes

Watch this space for when the recording goes live as its defo one to watch/listen.

In the meantime, what have you experienced with web performance beyond looking at metrics/data?


Unfortunatelly i lost this webinar. I’m not a pro member. Is it feasable to watch the recording?

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Thanks for letting us know, @glgeorgiou.

I’m afraid the talk is only available for folks with a Pro Membership. Sorry you missed it.

We do offer some Masterclass recordings that are open to everyone. You can find them via this search and by selecting β€œFree” on the Member Level filter.

Alternatively, there are a good number of TestBash talks available to everyone too. Also available by selecting β€œFree” under the Membership Level filter.