How does your full framework look like?

Maybe the question is not that clear so here is a little bit of background…

I want to know what framework or set of tools you are using in your daily test life, preferably open source.

And… in case you are doing automation I would be curious what tools do you combine for UI, API, Mobile and maybe also Performance, Security.

I must confess I do not yet have such a standard toolset at the moment but will want to build one from scratch and also document the whole process so that others will also benefit from it.

Thanks Ministry in Advanced

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As a consultant it differs from client to client (and on their needs) but what I prefer to use is:

  • Postman for API automation, mostly because devs are familiar with it also.
  • JMeter for performance testing
  • Burpsuite & ZAP for casual security tests
  • Cypress for UI
  • Powershell scripting for some pipeline stuff

Some people will say “I’ve build my own framework” but I mean … there are so many different frameworks already why build another?


@kristof - Thank you for the reply. One question: What about mobile testing?

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Very good question! I haven’t had the pleasure to test a mobile app yet.
I mostly test back-end systems and I rarely touch the UI :stuck_out_tongue:

@restertest What is the testing problem that you are trying to address? A list of tools without context is simply that: a list.

@alexm - I am not looking for a list of tool but looking for a configuration that you use, and works for you and maybe why it works for you.