How many things are you involved with the testing of

How many tools, web sites, services… are you responsible for or involved with the testing of?

Interested to see if generally people are testing a small number of things so they can get really deep on those as you have the time or if more people have large numbers of things to test and how that affects the testing they do.

As a starting point for me and my team we test over 100 desktop applications which are similar enough that if you can use one you can probably understand how to use the rest but still have a lot of tool specific knowledge that is required to test properly. Add on to that multiple domain specific versions of our site and then multiple pieces of functionality that span all tools.
So one of our big challenges bringing on new staff is the amount of domain knowledge they need to learn but not sure how this compares to other companies?

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary since I’ve started working as a tester. During that year I’ve worked on 11 different projects. Some of those are finished and some are still ongoing since most of them started as MVPs and we’re now building new features for those that were more successful.

I manage testing in projects - over the last year 15 distinct projects of various sizes[1].
Customer/publicfacing websites are small part of it, it’s mostly internal business solutions.

One major project was about building a new web platform with few integrations.
Another project was about moving 100+ named applications including numerous integrations.

In both cases the people doing the testing is already domain experts. Which is a benefit, but also require coaching wrt. test case tools, learning to test (besides confirmation) and having to fit test work with their “regular” non-project work.

1: What does your software testing portfolio look like?