What does your software testing portfolio look like?

On the interwebs I often come across lovely designed portfolios that make me think wonderful things of these people behind them. I also am acutely aware how these wonderfully presented portfolios are not those of software testers.

But then I discovered such joy I came across a UX person who presented their portfolio as an excel spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Portfolios, I feel, are hard for testers to create as what we do is often intangible. But I’d love to see examples of portfolios, CVs, websites (etc) that testers use to represent themselves…and/or what kind of things do you think we should be putting in these things?

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I have a similar file/table of all the projects I have been working for the last couple of years. I work as an test consultant so my projects/domains/customers change over time.
| Customer | domain | duration | my activities/deliveries|technology stack | project method | who tests|

This is besides the CV with work history, key competencies, training & courses, articles and talks.

I also have a one-page sheet that highlights the business domains I have worked in and what I can do wrt. test advisory, test delivery and process improvement.

DM me for a link

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This is really a cool idea!

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