How-to become a boring tester (dark secrets wanted)


Have you seen a boring #tester around? Or have you seen or heard a boring #testing story?

I want to become better at this!

:sparkling_heart: Please share it with love! So we can learn to be a BORING TESTER (or not) :sparkling_heart:

Here are what some say on LinkedIn


The requirements review started promptly at 10 this morning. The Boring Tester arrived in the room three minutes before the start of the meeting. They reviewed a few testing blogs while they waited.
As other people arrived, they saw the Boring Testing buried in their laptop and decided not to disturb them. The business analysts and developers reviewed the requirements and established a mutual understanding. The Boring Tester assumed testability was understood. The meeting adjourned.
The Boring Tester diligently reviewed the requirements in private. They created a test plan that outlined the exact steps to exercise the requirements. The plan was scrupulous in its detail and required two days to complete. During that time, the developers found a flaw in the requirements and explored an update with the analysts. The Boring Tester received an email and spent one day updating their plans.
The Boring Tester, with their plans complete and confident in their ability to cover many scenarios waited for some sign to begin.
At the end of the sprint, the team celebrated the unit tests that covered product behaviors so completely that more testing was deemed irrelevant. When the next sprint started, the Boring Tester received an invite to the requirements review. They arrived three minutes before the start of the meeting.


Sounds pretty sad story as well :pensive:

Sounds just so much like real life Joe.

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We need to do something about it once we got all WANTED suspects :thinking::crazy_face:

I can make it so boring by confirming the requirements are met without asking any questions.

I pass/fail TCs from my list.

I tell my manager that I have done my #ManualTesting at end of the day.

Then, I fill out a test exit report template found on google.

Keep doing the same

There might be boring testers, but no boring tasks. Even regression can be made interesting by doing it in different ways, for example the touring exploratory testing, or using testing heuristics etc. It is all in the tester POV and creativity.


Insist on writing a test plan for every single feature. Even features that are only 3 sprints long.

:dizzy_face: I drew a mindmap on the wall and send to stakeholders with some notes if they are not co-located.

Were they expecting ISTQB829 or similar ‘test plan’?

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Oh boy where to begin … Let’s take this story of mine:
I lead a community of testers for a big European bank and the following happened :

We had a nice community event where we had a workshop about different testing techniques. Since I’m a firm believer in good basics we explained what equivalence partitioning and boundary value testing was. We gave examples and the idea was at the end of the workshop to do a small team test. Since I noticed that some testers apparently did no needed the workshop since they were on their smartphones all the time I decided to put them together in a team. There was an incentive for each team but a bigger one for the team that would finish first and had all the correct answers. Everybody started with lots of enthusiasm even the smartphone team ( I guess they really didn’t need the workshop ). The smartphone team ended last with 0 correct answers ( all are certified testers btw ). What surprised me was that the rest of the testers confronted them with their behavior. That they acted bored on something that was interesting and useful for their work and the other teams didn’t like it.
Fast forward, I still have these smartphone testers in my community but I used their ability to use their smartphone to do mobile testing… result they are no longer bored during community meetings because they keep telling me that when they are on their smartphone that they are actually testing … :wink:
Moral of the story for me, cast people on their right place. I really try to put people where they belong not always easy but in the best interest of the company and the person. I’ve got plenty of boring tester stories over the years… perhaps we should bundle them a bit like the Bastard Operator From Hell series ( if you don’t know them google them they are hilarious … but do so outside of workhours or you might give the wrong impression :smiley: )


I assume @testerawesome would have to give us all a cut of the book royalties. Or at least not cast us in cameo roles without permission. #bloggers-club #StoryTelling


I don’t mind being a camo as long as it can be as idiotic as possible :crazy_face:
No but seriously this could be a thing no ? :smiley: