How to become productive as soon as possible once you joined company as QA Automation

Hi Everyone…I will join a new company within few days as a QA Engineer. and still curious to know How can I get productive as soon as possible once I joined the company. I am a little nervous about my joining.


Naturally it will take you a while to get acquainted with the domain knowledge, their internal processes and policies, but what you can offer right from the start is a fresh perspective - as soon as you get familiarized (for example) with how they are reporting defects you can offer suggestions, and perhaps even suggest some improvements to the existing process. Talk to a lot of people and ask a lot of questions!

As @mirza said, talk to people and ask questions. See about running pre existing manual tests - this can help you see what’s been done in the past and help you navigate a new system, you might even find the odd bug in the system or be able to spot where tests need to be updated.


From new hired QA I would expect to learn as much as possible about application(s) under test and to become familiar with manual and automation tests procedures. Sure, goals and expectations would be based on job level.