How to breakdown MVP designs into testable user stories?

Hello Everyone,

I am unfamiliar with the ideas behind creating user stories for Agile projects, as well as acceptance criteria.

I was wondering how I could turn any MVP design, like the Basket MVP, into tested user stories.

What, by my assumption, are below-stories?

  • Remove Design
  • Update QTY
  • Edit Design
  • Secure Checkout
  • Chat
  • Promo Apply
  • Product Section
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There is probably a lot to the checkout basket problem that is MVP, but not visible to the users. For example sales team want a user’s basket to be persisted server side so they can use it for promotional purposes and for basket reminders. That requires a login or a client-side basket that persists. Applying a promotion code and a chat feature don’t look like MVP to me even “remove” is not MVP. MVP is as few things as possible.

  • Add item,
  • Secure checkout, with a clear/empty entire basket button
  • Payment received
    Imagine for a minute you implemented your store using just SMS messages, could you do the MVP using just SMS messages? I think I could.
    That’s how I got down to the 3 things, if MVP becomes more than 5 or 6 things, it’s not MVP anymore. Without those 3 things you cannot do business at all. All the rest is just fluff as we know.
    As for breakdown, it helps to think of these in terms of backend more than in terms of the user interactions. Many user interactions are merely variations of a single SQL query in back end, so we really want to group work based on which components the work touches, not on how much CSS coding it involves. CSS will look after itself (and will sometimes change so quickly it will make your head spin). Grouping allows us to put …
  • Remove Design
  • Update QTY
  • Edit Design
    all into one component and one Story, because they probably are just one-liners, just as an example. I know this does not answer the question, but the real risk is that “testing the thing the customer sees”, blinds us to testing only the visible parts of construction process while it’s under construction.