How to Coach Subject Matter Experts to Do Testing with Jesper Ottosen

Second to take to the stage on Friday of TestBash Manchester, it’s @jesper talking about how to coach others to do testing.

Have you tried some of the methods Jesper has suggested? He’s very active here on The Club and I’m sure he’d love to hear a follow up from attendees who try some of these ideas :grin:

Use this thread also to your questions during the talk and we’ll do our best to get them all answered live. Remember that liking any questions already asked will increase the chances of them being answered live in the talk :heart:

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Throwing Fireballs?!?!?!


For someone who has never watched the lego movies before, which one is your favourite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you found bringing in SME’s has helped with greater diversity in the testing? and therefore helped with the diversity of products?


Have you ever had to explain to the SME’s they are not themselves being Tested

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What do you do if your Domain Expert (which collaborates directly with the customers tells you that your Test Case is false and the user will never do that (you found a Bug)? I don’t think there is something like false Test Case. What about you? Thanks!


Do you think it’s a journey to coach others to do testing? Often the initial reaction I’ve seen is that “This isn’t my job!”


So fireballs… :smiley: :smiley:

As I said Danes are a trusting bunch of people. :wink: It’s a classic FDF ( youth activity in winter. soak cotton in turpentine and toss it around (with gloves). The trick is that turpentine burns a a very low temperature.

Details via google translate here:

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The first one called “The Lego Movie” :slight_smile: all kind of crazy things going on about Emmet and the team.

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@neil.younger Wrt. Wardley’s models (Pioneers, Settlers, Town planers) I’m also exploring using wardley mapping for test strategies. more on my blog:

@ruarig hi Matthew. Bringing in SME’s is indeed an excellent way to bring in diversity. We testers can’t know everything about everything anyways. So we need to balance what we’re good at, and what the SME’s are good at - and with that produce better (and more diverse) products.

@safe06 hi James, welcome to the club! I can see that they could get that impression… Perhaps frame their participation along the lines of volunteering - that you’re putting their know-how into play :slight_smile:

@olgica_nikolin hi, welcome to you too. What a dilemma. So, yes unfortunately even test cases can be false/wrong. It’s things we want to try, where we might be mistaken or get wiser with time. Consider to review the test case? Perhaps you can both be right - in that there can both be a bug and that the user would never do it / see it. Plenty of data breach issues are bug that the user would never experience.

@melissafisher Great question Melissa! In most of my current projects I need to involve others (SMEs) - as they have the know how needed. Knowhow that would take years to learn, even for testing specialists. Other projects might need more “Emmet”-testing skills in exploring and edge cases. So, if you need their help, but they are reluctant, perhaps tap into the ideas of leading Primadonnas, as mentioned. Their passion is in their own “real” job - so get them to talk about that. Find their kick :slight_smile:


Links & resources:

Bonus link to the NZ How to Lead When You’re Never in Charge - Francis Ho

Bonus link to the previous Club hour:

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Thanks @jesper I need to rewatch your talk!! :slight_smile:

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