SME's how to extract info

Am in a project where all SME’s are remote / off shore. No skype etc. So am thinking I will have to set up a questionnaire to try and get as much detail on their applications as possible.
Any suggestions for questions ?

Hi John,

I can imagine it’s a challenge. To me I read this as they are probably more end users than experts. But in either case you need their know-how to be able to get the testing done.

One suggestion could be to set up some recurring virtual touch point, a digital demo meeting - or a simple phone call. If visits are totally out of the question.

Another suggestion could be to designate a Proxy SME in the team, that similar to a product owner is the person to go to. In the team this could either be the tester or ux’er, if available.

Futher reading - the recent power hour on SME’s:

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