How to explain the courses I am learning in my CV?

Hello everyone,
Hoping someone can give an advice. I worked as a Junior Tester and have a considerable gap in my career. planning to join work again. I have learnt/learning python, few tools such as Postman, pytest, Selenium, Nunit.
My question is how to put in my resume. If I use exactly these words “Self-learning the courses”, will it attract any attention of the recruiters.
How to explain the courses I am learning in my CV?
Can anyone give a sample writeup?
Feeling a bit lost.
CV should shine to be invited for an interview.
Hence turning towards the community for help.

Many Thanks

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Note: Answer highly based on personal taste.

As a recruiter, I care about what you know and can deliver.
I would focus on what you have done and leave specific technologies
in some sort of list, without taking too much space.

This way your CV will pass the gates of automatic readers and people will
know you have some specific knowledge they are looking for.

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Thank you @joaofarias for the explanation with example.
I will try to implement it.

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Put it in the experience section and have the title self study then under that write what you have achieved in the course

Self study Oct 2021 - Present

  • took cypress test automation course where I learned how to create a test framework from scratch, write and then refactor tests and integrate this into Jenkins

I would also include the link to your GitHub so they can see wha you created


Thank you for the reply with example. apologies somehow missed it.

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