What are you learning in life now?

I’m curious to know what people are learning about these days!

Whether it is testing related or not, let us know and share that learning is never ending!

For inspiration, there’s a nice thread on it on Twitter.

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I’ve just been asked to step into the role of our company’s technical author to fill a sudden vacancy - which means I have to learn mark-up, wiki management tools and house styles. That may not sound like much, but it’s all very sudden and a completely unexpected change of direction.

As yet, it’s not clear whether this will be just as an interim role or something longer-term.

I spent the end of last week on a two-day Agile Fundamentals course - I had been grumbling about having to do this having spent several years working with both scrum and kanban, and been in a full-blown devops team to boot, but it was good to get a refresher on some of the fundamentals and hear questions from people who are new to it.

I’m also working through a Git essentials course on pluralsight, having made a major cock-up and overwritten instead of merged a branch and decided I really need to understand git better. I’m finding the accent of the Spanish bloke who does this course very restful to listen to (unlike the usual SoCal presenters on these courses that I mute and read the transcript!), though when he said “Git is not what you think it is” at one point my immediate thought was “I’m learning Git from Inigo Montoya!!” :laughing:

Edit - my apologies to the chap who did the Git course, he’s Italian not Spanish. Regardless of that, it’s a really good course.

I’m currently learning programing out of the context of automating tests (I have years of automation experience, but haven’t done much application development). I’m making test tools, so it’s still test related, but I’m not actively testing lately. My context will soon return to testing using the tools I’m making, so that’ll be interesting.

I want to dip my toes into the Machine Learning waters, but I haven’t gone further than looking at resources and blogs yet.

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I’m learning JavaScript informally, just through random online tutorials, as an attempt to make my “codeless” automated testing software easier to deal with, but mostly on my own time just for general knowledge.

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Trying to keep my focus on JavaScript at the moment.

I have been editing down videos for a potential course I may offer on being a more persuasive tester. I am also learning about workflow orchestration tools and api gateways to better leverage internal platforms for teams. I am working as a product owner for our internal software platform team and I am reading about how other companies have done it. Part of that is crafting a shared vision for our various groups which has led me to read Good Strategy Bad Strategy

I’m learning the play the piano right now and are super fascinated by this series of videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahnPBjyMbl4


Emotional Intelligence,
Self coaching (https://www.edbatista.com/the-art-of-self-coaching-course.html)
and practicing counselling.

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I’m currently learning Python for testing/scripting. Other than that, I’m continuing to learn guitar.

Thanks for posting this @ola.sundin! I’m excited to check it out!


For work: just started with learning Python.
Outside of work: stand up for myself to get the help/support I need


Learning more about Docker, also trying to improve my javascript (I imagine this last one will never end…)

RobotFramework and WebdriverIO :slight_smile:

I’m trying to learn how to structure a valuable workshop with some kind help and feedback from others

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Very much in the same boat as Ady right now :slight_smile:

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Security testing and automation testing

I think it’s more what I’m trying to figure out, rather than learn, but two things - how to stop day to day testing and step back and manage, and how to stop the testing drifting right on the kanban board.

German. Still can’t get the grammar after over a year of banging my head against it. Using all the resources I can get my hands on - Babel, a book on grammar, German / English dictionary, news websites, TV programs, talking to German and Swiss colleagues, and visiting Germany and Switzerland. Still get pitying looks from the locals.