Recommendation for learning on Pluralsight

Hi people,

A few weeks ago, a got membership from my company. I’m working as a Manual Tester on the Integration part of our software. I browse the content, but I couldn’t find some interesting stuff for manual testing, integration, etc.

Is anybody from you finishes some interesting courses for testing (or some similarly that can boost my everyday testing skills) and can you please recommened it?

Thank you :smiley:

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I don’t know whether there’s much there on manual testing ( I haven’t looked) but there are courses that would be relevant if you want to expand your skillset into automated testing. Probably the best one to begin with if you do want to learn automation is this course:
If you’re not familiar with some of the dev tools you’d need to use in building automation, you might want to look at the beginner’s courses on things like Maven and Git (I found this one particularly good, there are also some Java basics courses you could look at if you haven’t got any experience with object-oriented programming.

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Thanks for reply professorwoozle. These 2 courses look interesting, I will for sure try this for git version control. About this Selenium automated testing course, I’m familiar with Python, so I will try to find similar course, but with Python instead of Java. If you finished some with Python, please leave links in reply. :slight_smile:

IMHO pickings are quite slim for a manual tester, our company got Pluralsight for our new Junior and I have been getting courses of other sites to help skill them up.

Such a shame as Pluralsight has so many great technical courses just seems they neglect (or chose not to go down the manual testing route)

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I strongly recommend the following short course on PluralSight:

Despite it has been created by Microsoft it is quite interesting and it applies to any stack.

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