Javascript courses specifically for testers?

It looks like Javascript/JS courses on Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight etc. are meant for web developers. Some of them spend a lot of time in doing front end projects. But, I am looking a course which only covers topics & projects that are relevant to software testing.

There is one (free) course on Udemy, but it is by an obscure instructor with unflattering reviews. I don’t want to waste my time on such courses. There is also a MOT course. But, it lacks depth and breadth.

Please suggest some Javascript courses which are for testers, cover JS in sufficient depth and breadth, and are made by reputable instructors.

Thank you !

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Hi Raghu, how about this one - delivered by the one and only Alan “Evil Tester” Richardson. I’ve not been through it myself but if it’s anything like his book “Java for Testers”, he’ll be getting you working on practical exercises from the outset that will enable you to pick up the knowledge you need by practice rather than reading.
There’s a lot of other resources available on that site, some specific javascript framework courses too so definitely worth a look. There may well be courses on Pluralsight too and you can get a ten-day free trial.


There are practical exercises with Marks course too here in the Pro only area on The Club as a friendly add on to this :slight_smile:

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@heather_reid - thanks. Where can I get the links for those practical exercises ?

They’re at the bottom of each of the lessons that they are linked to in the “Lesson Resources” section e.g.

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 19.39.41

If you follow through the videos in sequence, the exercises will all link together to give you challenges to explore and some reflection exercises too. Mark, the course instructor, is also available in The Club area for the course if you have any questions.

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@heather_reid - thanks. how do we ask the instructor questions ? I went to the sub-forum for that course, but it does not allow me to post any questions there.

There is an activity for each lesson, you can ask a question in the lesson activity that you have a query about. Alternatively, you can click on the instructor and you should be given the option to “Message” which will send them a private message.

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Hi, just to mention that Pluralsight is free all April, so worth a visit as soon as possible

There is another new course on TAU that is an Introduction to JavaScript:

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