Resource recommendations: Learning Javascript and Automation in testing courses

Hi, I’m trying to build up a list of potential training courses for getting better at JavaScript and automation in testing. I know TAU is a great resource but wondering what are some others?

Are there any js and automation in testing courses people have attended or know off which they would recommend? Free or paid at all levels :pray:

Sharing some i have already:
Learning automation:

  1. TAU -


  1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert
  2. Understanding Type script
  4. Patterns - Design Patterns
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Codewars is great for practice
30 days of Javascript also good

Great places to learn about JS and practice:

Not a direct learning resource for Javascript and test automation, but helpful tips for using javascript in web/mobile UI test automation, particularly application specific usage, not the case of using javascript itself as the test automation language. Look over the posts about/relating to javascript here: javascript | Search Results | autumnator.

Unless the test automation field has changed since I last worked in QA, or I just know the wrong people, lol, I’ve seen QA/automation engineers testing web UI/apps with little knowledge of (web) javascript functionality that could have helped them improve their test automation coverage. Learning javascript is one thing, and using it as the test automation language is another, applying it to test automation as a way to handle certain functionality (limitations of Selenium WebDriver, etc.) or enhance test coverage (or fill in gaps in coverage) is yet another thing. A good QA automation engineer with respect to javascript, would ideally be able to do all 3 cases.


Another thing to keep in mind with my prior comment post is that once you’ve mastered basic javascript for test automation (along with with javascript (unit) test frameworks), a next step can be to gain familiarity with javascript frameworks used in web/mobile applications like React, Vue.js, angular, etc. so that you can better automate against applications using those libraries, as well as how you might workaround limitations in test tooling like how to trigger/inject certain events or check for certain states by way of those javascript frameworks.


That is a great point David. I do see people focusing on either javascript for web development or javascript for node but not both. I’m guilty myself for that. I’ll include this in my hunt for useful courses to take. Thank you

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