Looking for automation testing mentor

I’m sort new to automation testing. I would love to learn further into automation testing such as automation framework improvements, scaling, ci/cd implementations, robust parallel test execution, different new tools. I would love to have mentor. If any takers please mail me at tejashree.333@gmail.com


Hi @teju glad you have started on the automation journey, the Club is a good place to have meaningful discussions about this topic. To be honest, right now, I don’t have the time to mentor anyone, but I can send you some helpful resources.

Here are a few courses that I’ve found quite helpful, they are Java-focused, but the core topic are not tied to any language, things like best practices in terms of refactoring your code:

Using design patterns:

Writing readable and maintainable code:

Code reviews:

I’m not affiliated with this instructor (or Pluralsight) I just like his teaching style, he’s been handing out some 30-day trial coupons for Pluralsight, so you can check the courses out without paying in advance:


Hey @teju welcome to MoT!
Always happy to have some discussions about automation! Including scaling, CI/CD, DevTestOps etc :slight_smile:
Anything specific you are learning right now?


Thank you very much mirza. I’ll sure study them in a couple of days.


Hey. I’m glad you’ve begun your automation adventure. I work as a manual and automation tester with “Testrig Technologies,” and as a novice, you should decide which type of testing you want to do. If you’re interested in API testing, Postman and RESTAssured might be of interest to you.

For RESTAssured, you’ll need to determine whether you want to use Python or Java as your programming language. If you’re searching for a different type of testing, you’ll need to figure out what tools will be used and then plan accordingly.

I’ve found a few blogs that can give you a jump start and have a deeper sense of testing. Here’s the link -


I hope this information is useful.