How to find a remote QA engineer job (an aggregator for remote jobs)

Hi all,

I built - an aggregator listing the 100% remote jobs for QA engineers (and for developers in dozen programming languages).

The aggregator covers 20+ job boards.
Job ads separated by role and technology stack.
Non-remote jobs get filtered out.

Hope it helps you to find a remote job.

What do you think about it?

Why bother? Unoriginal? Lots of job boards? Lots of web scraped aggregators. Some commercial, some independent.
Sound familiar?


Well, well ))) Check that aggregators.

  • How many job boards they aggregate?
  • What they do with jobs saying something like “remotely on Friday” or “occasional remote working” or the similar ?
  • Do they have classification per programming language? (or just all programming jobs in one kilometer long list)

Funny that, those questions are all answered as selling points on your site.

You do not believe me, and I understand this.

Here the list of competitors, so you can check/compare:
Job boards aggregators

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No, I don’t think so. I’m not really bothered whether it’s original or not.

Anyway, thanks for feedback ))

Nice idea, it would be better you follow a standard.
Like for few: I see Job descriptions and link to main job site. and for few Job descriptions are not present.