How to get failed tests included after test run using Jest typescript?

I need help to resolve an issue so any ideas welcome.

I have a test suite with 9 end to end tests using jest
After running I see the attached run summary results

Please is there a way to get the failed tests to be printed/ displayed in the below image summary?

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 08.03.17

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A quick search on Jest regarding their reporters revealed that they have several that you could try:

The default is Summary Reporter.
Also interesting is the Silent Reporter(external library) that they link to from the documentation.


Thanks, that helped me with solution which I found here jest-summary-reporter - npm

I’m working on tool to show test results that might be able to help

otherwise there is a list here of reporters that might be worth taking a look at: GitHub - jest-community/awesome-jest: πŸ•ΆAwesome Jest packages and resources