How to improve listening skills?

What is the best way to improve your listening skills and make sure your team are hearing what is being said?

Sometimes we can miss issues on our teams because we’re either not actively listening or we’re not fully understanding what’s being said. What can we do to improve our listening skills?


Really listening to what is being said can be achieved by simply paying attention I would say, the hard part is to understand what is being said and not to be afraid to say that you do not understand.

You need to build an open culture where people are not afraid to ask questions, where people are not judged for not knowing, where people are not afraid to be the idiot


I highly recommend takimg visual notes, sketchnoting is the best way that make you think and draw so that you won’t forget anything!


This is such a good example from Simon Sinek.

How to improve listening skills when people don’t want to hear feedback: sometimes when people listen they often go in ‘defensive mode’ and try to counter or defend themselves on arguments people are saying and sometimes you just need to drop it. Stop going into defensive mode and accept peoples criticism, you should be glad that people even tell you, so you can improve.

Don’t make up excuses but accept your flaws & improve on them.

Something I learned myself is to listen to people’s stories. I’m often not that interested in people’s weekends or what they did on their vacation but I learned that people need to express themselves with it in order to have a good and enjoyable workday. Which gives them a boost in their work effort, just because they were allowed to share a happy memory.

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Great idea Emna.

We, at our organization, have encouraged our employees to follow these simple tricks, and the results are commendable.
They have never missed a point, during the conversation.

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Awsome @user007 ! Good to hear that in practice :slight_smile:
And how employees adapt and g et used to it ?
(sometimes, people said I’m not good at drawing so I can’t do it)

We actually convinced them not to worry about the drawings. Ans asked them to focus on the process and the sessions. Its not the drawing we ae looking at, its the progress the process is making.
For them at the beginning it wasn’t that interesting. But, once two/three people has shown improvement others followed .

Its a great trick though. But I am also skeptical on one factor. If the participant/listener is not good at multi tasking, then it’s an issue.

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