TestBash Leadership 2022 - What is “Deconstructing Feedback”? with Scott Kenyon

In this talk, Scott gives an overview of what we mean by communication, showing how we can deconstruct communication into simple components.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions Asked:

  1. Anonymous: Which method do you recommend if someone doesn’t respond well to feedback?
  2. @JennaCharlton: Any suggestions to help someone who struggles to understand priority and impact gain better skills in this area?
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  1. think about how the person reponds? will they ask for proof or evidence inorder to gain a better understanding? or will they just put there fingers in there ears… it might be better to think outside the box look at a informal chat and be clear stick to facts and talk about impacts .

@JennaCharlton for piroty and impact in communciation best to break it down - one thingto think is . “if i dont say this now what will happen?” if the answer is nothing then is it realy a priorty? trying to add impact to your comunciation look at tone and struture , shout out to me its best to give examples :slight_smile:

5 important things in Communication
● Listening
● Straight talking
● Non-Verbal Communication
● Stress management
● Emotional control

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4 Smart Ways to Improve your Communication Skills
★ Listen with empathy
★ Speak up
★ Prepare what you’re going to say
★ Be ready for different answers

Top tips when dealing with conflict
★ Recognize it
★ Breathe
★ Don’t interrupt!
★ Practice Active Listening
★ Be specific (picture/video/live demo)
★ Describe actions rather than judge individuals.
★ Balance your message
★ Pay attention to your delivery

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