TestBash Leadership 2022 - Next Level Leadership with Dave Harrison

This talk takes Dave’s 25 years of prior experiences with being promoted into different leadership levels and roles and communicates the lessons learned, things to watch out for, and how leadership ‘scope’ can expand or contract given the leadership opportunity that one find themselves.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

Questions Answered Live:

  1. @deborahreid: What do you know now, that you would tell yourself back at the beginning of your leadership journey?
  2. @HannaJohansson: Which are the “principal test engineer roles” that you introduced before they became mainstream?
  3. @trangbt278: Which factors do you often use to make decision on testing tool sets such as test management tools, automation tools, test strategy?
  4. @KaneHutchinson: Do you think everyone should go through that period of half managing and half time still testing?
  5. @chopper : Did you ever find yourself struggling to let go of some of the day to day testing to focus more on leadership?
  6. @HannaJohansson: Would be great to get some references, on things to read/watch concerning that “non-ambiguous” communication! Definitely something I need to get better at!

Questions Not Answered Live:

  1. Anonymous: Ever worked with a direct report whose performance peaks & troughs - What did you do?

Links mentioned in Chat:

I think the most important consideration to start regarding this question is: View the performance/goals and objectives management process with team members as a 52 week-a-year process. Set that expectation from the beginning. We strive to make each team member’s g&o very clear and something that is easy to agree to. From there, if we do observe someone not meeting expecations, we discuss with them the variance from their agreed-upon-path to achieving G&O. That may sound simplistic, but we believe in this process very strongly. We don’t save negative or corrective feedback until the end of year; that happened to me early in my career and couldn’t believe that MONTHS would have passed between the time I did something that needed feedback, and when I actually received it.

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