TestBash Leadership 2022 - AMA with Toby Sinclair

In this session, hosted by the great Vernon Richards, @tobysinclair will be answering questions about Leadership, from our attendees live on the Main Stage.

To learn more about Toby’s story and career, check out his website here.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions Answered Live:

  1. @alvarion - How do you best convince your VP to stop saying Automation is the only method of Testing
  2. @jitgo - What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and teaching?
  3. @chris_dabnor - What do you do if you can’t find out the motivation of one of your reports, even with direct questioning?
  4. @j19sch - What’s one of the smallest yet valuable acts of leadership you’ve seen?
  5. @marie.drake - They say that people leave a job not because of their work but because of their managers. What is one advise you can give to managers to avoid this situation?
  6. @helianthus - I’ve recently joined a team and now gotten the agile coach role - wondering how you would approach “re-discovering” a teams agile identity in form of processes?
  7. @scottkenyon - What is one of the main differences you now see from office-based to home-based leadership?
  8. Anonymous - How would you coach team members who struggle with a lack of emotional intelligence?


Questions Not Answered Live:

  1. @nufenix - Some see people management as the only way to progress and be promoted. This isn’t suitable (or possible) for everyone. How can this be dispelled?
  2. @kika - How to deal with tough situations when you are leading a team with team members who are senior to you?
  3. @neutcomp - How to deal with colleagues that always have excuses do not do there work properly. :grimacing:
  4. @paulmorrishhl - Do you have any advice on how to approach and champion a shift left approach in a small organisation? We’re an open company but testing is a final involvement
  5. @elliottjames870 - Do you have any tips for getting less talkative team members to open up about their goals, issues, etc?
  6. @atkinsr - Do you follow any or recommend any developmental frameworks with members that you coach in the team?
  7. @beardytester - Who do you encourage engagement in communities of practice?
  8. @paulmorrishhl - Do you make a distinction between a “manager” and a “leader”, and if so, what would you say is the difference between the two?
  9. @samecjiri - How much people can person coach at once in the team and how to deal with situation when team is too big to coach each of them.
  10. @brijeshdeb - As a leader how do measure how good you are? Is it the number of followers you have or is it about the impact that you have on people?
  11. @alg - What strategies do you have for getting closer to teams to help lead them better?
  12. @brandon.conley - How would you encourage the team to be more enthusiastic and encourage more self learning and curiosity about testing rather than drip feed them information?
  13. @edthetestingtester - What would you say are the top behaviours to demonstrate as a leader?
  14. @jesseberkeley - Your company has a desire to have an operational “Global Team” (multiple time zones), how do you build shared ownership & accountability for each member?