TestBash Leadership 2022 - Taking the Leap to Leadership! with Kiruthika Ganesan

In this talk, @kika shares her experience in leadership, how she evolved as a tester from being someone who didn’t want to take the leap.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions Answered Live

  1. Anonymous: What is the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?
  2. @trangbui : As a quality coach, how did you encourage developers to be responsible for quality? What action items should they do to improve quality of their code?

Questions Not Answered

  1. Anonymous: what tool was used to create this presentation? the transitions are awesome!
  2. Anonymous: What was your biggest challenge/disappointment in your journey?

Resources Shared

Andy Glover Cartoon: http://cartoontester.blogspot.com/
Test Automation University: https://testautomationu.applitools.com/
Webcomic: xkcd: Automation
DiSC personality styles: https://www.discprofile.com/what-is-disc/disc-styles
Chimp paradox: The Chimp Model | Mind Management | Chimp Management
Test Driven Development: TestDrivenDevelopment
Stakeholder analysis: https://www.stakeholdermap.com/
Drama Triangle: https://karpmandramatriangle.com/
Empowerment Dynamic: The Empowerment Dynamic | Shift from Victim to Creator

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Thank you. Glad you liked it :slight_smile:
I have used slide zoom transitions in Microsoft powerpoint 365.
Checkout this video for details How to make Slide Zoom Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint - YouTube

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The biggest challenge was to get buy-in for my idea. Convincing others and finding the first follower was hard. People are usually resistant to change and don’t want to change especially when they are used to a way of working and have grown comfortable with it. I had to improve my listening and communication skills first. The techniques we discussed in the talk like Chimp paradox, explaining to a 5 year old, stakeholder analysis helped me overcome those challenges.

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