How to manage/communicate between 2 different kinds of testers?

Is any study/literature about tests certification and interaction with testers in scrum teams?

For example, there are two kind of testers: ones are in a daily basis with a scrum development team; others only run a checklist of tests when there is a new release of the product.

How this interaction can be optimized?


Hello, Ana
From my point of view, the answer to your question depends on team processes and culture. Why do the team have two type of testers? Are the second type of testers not included in the team and why? Who is responsible for coordination of interaction between testers and how it is done now?
My point here is that deep knowledge about the process and its context is mandatory to suggest and apply any optimizations.

However, a general overview of interactions between testers and team can be found in “Agile Testing” by Lisa Crispin.

Hi Alexandra,

we have 2 types of testers: ones are working in scrum teams, the others are in a separate team to certificate (doing tests regression). So the role of the tester is different as well their responsabilities. To help their coordination, we have 3 Test Managers. Usually we have a meeting once a week for common topics, but there is the necessity to meet more often with the scrum testers.

Thanks for the suggestion for reading