How to measure and visualise the quality of releases

Hello folks, I’ve been asked to think about how we can measure and visualise the quality of our releases at work and I’m hoping for community inspiration. I’ve already ruled a lot of things out as not having much value in our context. We don’t log every little thing we find so defect metrics other than live ones won’t help me. We also have very few live defects so having a ‘1 in the last 6 months’ sign also has little value.

I’ve looked at a few dashboards and searched for blogs but there’s nothing jumping out at me. That said I have suggested a more formal ‘postmortem’ and form to capture the root cause of live issues to try and mitigate repeats.

Any help pointers, links or suggestions are very welcome and thank you all in advance for reading.

Have you thought of trackkng escaped bugs vs total bugs ratio? That and time from feauture complete to release are the only numbers that I found make sense in my context

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Thanks @billkav but we don’t track a lot of bugs/defects through development preferring to fix most as they are found so anything in that space other than live won’t tell us anything. Time from feature complete to release however may be something we could look at. Thanks.

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