How valuable would it be to have video footage of real-life exploratory testing sessions?

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time and finally got the courage to give it a go!

This video is an experiment. What do you think?

I run an exploratory testing session, vocalise my thoughts and share my testing notes. I could do this more often if it’s useful. The video is a very rough cut and the recording accidentally cut short (!) but hopefully it gives you an idea of the concept. Sorry there are no captions at this stage.


I love the idea of videos; instead of taking a screenshot I prefer to take a Gif with ScreenToGif. This allows the developers to actually see what you click on and what you do, because in my experience… just writing down the steps to reproduce will sometimes lead to ‘it works on my machine’.

Having a video or recording of it will help the community so much. As new testers can review how you went through it and how your approach is. So yea I love the concept!

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Thanks for sharing, @kristof. There’s something super engaging when sharing a video of something you’ve discovered.


I am a bit of a video hack so I have tools to make video trimming and so on easier, and I love to create a video of a bug that is hard to show without a slow-mo, or of a bug that someone in the future can learn from. Video is still far too expensive to work with, so the 15 minutes of trimming a clip needs to be worth it.
I also like to do the scripting filles, to convert images to gif. ffmpeg works brill on windows and linux


Seems cool. I think Devs should be satisfied with GIFs, but for teaching purposes and showing junior QAs what goes through your mind, that is great. I can see how this can be valuable.

But I also see how it can be damaging if somebody like me speaks his mind into a mic without any pre-prepared script and/or preparation :smiley:


@simon_tomes very interesting video and thanks so much for sharing!

I always say in our company that if a picture is worth 1000 words, then a GIF/video is worth a lot more! :slight_smile:

i regularly record videos of bugs that take many steps to replicate so it saves me some effort when typing it up and also there’s video evidence of the issue and all mouse clicks are recorded which should help developers with replication and for them to dev-test their fix has worked. The software I use is Bandicam … highly recommended.

In terms of recording exploratory sessions, I would definitely think about that if I want to demo something to someone else … like for training I can see how they’d be very useful to a newer tester to see what an oul crusty tester like me does and the thinking process. It’s like emparting thinking process which would otherwise only come through the newer tester gaining more experience or having practical sessions. To have a library of these recordings could be good…


I do most of the time use ScreenToGif to make an animated gif of the problems I find. I link the gif to the bugs that I enter. The developers in the current teams say to me that it is very helpful to know where the problem is in the application.

Video recording is for me more for training purposes.

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