What do you think of this prototype tool to support exploratory testing?


Here’s a rough and ready live demo video of a prototype we’ve built. :movie_camera::tv:

Our goal is to build something that helps us capture and share exploratory testing discoveries. Think of it as a note taking tool specifically for people who like to run exploratory testing sessions and for people who take part in debriefs.

Would you be willing to share your thoughts, feedback and ideas?


ps if you’d like access to the prototype just let me know!

Hello Simon,

thanks for sharing the video!
Right at the beginning of the video I got confused quite a bit because I didn’t understand how to read the session you had recorded. You mentioned that it’s supposed to be read like a book which cleared the confusion but I feel like there’s an opportunity to improve the UI. When I read a paper book the fold (is that the correct word?) acts like a vertical border between the pages so I know that I have to read the left page top to bottom first and then the right page top to bottom. Maybe a similar visual indicator could help?

Also it feels like the app takes up a lot of screen space while the exploratory testing session is being recorded. I like to use as much screen space as available for the AUT or monitoring tools, so I usually have very little screen space to spare. The only comparable product which comes to my mind is Rapid Reporter (http://testing.gershon.info/reporter/) which does a great job when it comes to screen space. I wonder if a “recording” mode could help here.

It’s great that the paragraphs can be tagged - being a keyboard lover having shortcuts to set the tags would make me really happy. This way I could type my thought and while doing so press e.g. Ctrl+? to mark it as a question.

That being said I’d love to access the prototype to find answers to the questions still lingering in my mind, like: “Can I edit the paragraphs to fix typos?”

I hope this feedback is helpful to you,


Hi Tobias,

Thanks so much for taking a moment to check out the video. I really appreciate your feedback, it’s incredibly useful! Let me share access details via a direct message.

Thanks again,