Looking for volunteers for TestBuddy! We need exploratory testers to help us shape it

My business partner @simon_tomes and I are developing a tool just for exploratory testers, TestBuddy. You can sign up there and try it out right away.

There are very few tools dedicated to Exploratory Testers right now and we’ve found none that capture and guide a Session-Based Test Management approach. So we’re building one! We want to find the right balance of letting testers focus on note-taking whilst making their lives easier debriefing, looking back over past sessions, searching for information, understanding where time was spent and analysing trends.

Right now TestBuddy gives you:

  • A summarised view of all of your sessions
  • A status identifying the current state of a particular session
  • The ability to add timestamped notes to a session
  • Easy formatting using markdown
  • Keyboard shortcuts for important session actions
  • The ability to add images and animated gifs (via button, drag & drop or copy & paste)
  • The ability to label notes/images (the classic PQIP labels: problem, question, idea, praise)
  • The ability to filter sessions by labels

If you’d like to help us please get in touch, sign up or reply here. Thanks!


I think Simon reached out to me to look at this a while ago and I did, but then life got in the way. However! I’ve got a slew of work that will need ETing over the next month or so (and a lot after Christmas), so I can jump back on using TestBuddy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Gemma! If you need any help with anything, let us know.

Hi Rajit,

Did you still need some help with exploratory testing?

I signed up but I wasn’t able to gain access.

Cheers Kim

Hi Kim, thanks so much for signing up! I’m sorry you’ve had problems gaining access. I’ll message you directly to help further.

Cheers Rajit got the email

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You know where I am…I love helping this project