I am new to testing, I want to be fully involve in QA. Can You help?

i want to be QA and I need support


Hi Charles,

Welcome to testing.
Tell us more about yourself. What have you done before this? Why testing?

How do you learn the best?
Audio, Books, Videos, Hands-on exercises, Self-learning, Training, A mix of all, Yet to figure out?

Efforts so far
Have you tried any ways to learn testing?

Sample syllabus:

I can mentor you after having a discussion with you and knowing the above answers. I am available at ajay184f on Skype/Twitter


I think @ajay184f did the right answers. You’re in the right place to start your career in Testing. I will add this question: What motivates you for being a Tester? I ask this because I know a lot of people that want to work in the IT area, due to the current pandemic situation, just for the money. I said to them that the money shouldn’t be the end-goal. I think this isn’t your situation :slight_smile:

There is a good resource that can help you to discern more about your interest in testing:



We’re going to need more info from you:

  • do you have any experience at all in testing or are you brand new
  • where are you based (can be easier to have a mentor in similar timezone)
  • what have you done so far to learn testing / upskill

Hi :slight_smile:

I was in the same spot. I was reading a lot and was watching a bunch of tutorials but I still didn’t have an idea what I actually have to do with testing.
So my advice will be just to find a free bug tracking system or any QA software like DrivT or something like this. Find any website that seems to have mistakes and just try to write test cases and scenarios. As soon as you will figure out how these things work, you will accelerate your learning drastically.


Everyone’s context will be different. There are loads of resources pointed to when you go around all similar topics on the forums, the big welcome thread is full of good learning sites. I want to point out a good place to learn is TAU . T.A.U. is not just about using applitools, it’s a genuine attempt to teach testing - I mean they even have a t shirt, but the t-shirt is all about the gamification of the brilliantly built learning process. I suggest doing at least one learning track on TAU and then moving onto something altogether more practical in terms of getting a job.

I got my first job as a tester, by getting a job as a coder and coding for 15 years. Now this might sound trite, but I got my coding job by going on an actual coding training course and making friends with a young man who was a coder at a company which later offered me a job. I waited almost 2 years for that job offer. Why did they offer me a job? Well partly because I was a friend, but mostly because I had impressed my friend (BTW I was not living in the same city as him when my job offer came) with my coding skills. The company had to offer to pay to fly me (conditional on successful interview of course) across the country for the interview. Make connections, show genuine interest, participate in industry events if you can and keep building your network.

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Great suggestion, @sam_qa_wise1. Always helpful to apply practical learnings to real sites and places to test.

The following post has a treasure trove of places to go explore different test approaches with: Products and sites to practice testing on