Mentor is looked for :D

Hi :wave:

I apologize in advance for my grammar and English in general :smiley:

My name is Oleksandr,

I had been studying business analytics for 2 years and then decided to take a pause. Now I’m finding myself, trying new things etc.

So, I’ve been learning testing for less than a month ( hehe, I know, not that much period of time), but until now, I got some basic knowledge about testing in general (types of testing: White Box, Black Box, functional, non-functional, positive, negative, regression, unit-tests etc…), test cases and bug reports, learned about SDLC and SDLC methodologies (Waterfall, V-shape model, spiral, AGILE). Along to that I’m learning SQL, operating systems and English, since it’s not my native language.

And certainly, it’s just dry theory, and therefore I decided to try to get some practice skills by using programs like MR. Buggy to find problems and describe them (test cases, bug reports).

I’m interested in testing in general, but I’d like to test things somehow related to web or mobile.
And It would be great to get some tips and advises.
My Facebook and Twitter profiles, so feel free to write me there.

I joined Ministry of Testing to meet new people (mentor), to develop myself and of course to have fun.


Welcome @olza to Ministry of Testing! I’m sure you’ll find enough material to get started here.

Interestings topics: Club Posts To Help You Get Started With Software Testing And QA
If you want to test, your testing skills then this is a fun one: Testing Challenges

If you are looking for something specific just ask :slight_smile:


Welcome to The Club @olza :wave:

It sounds like you’ve been very busy getting to learn all about software testing :grin:

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out:

and this course which has activities here on The Club for you to complete. An excellent way to interact with others who are also new in the field :slight_smile:

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