Ideas on volunteering works being a tester, please?

Hello, how are you?

Hope you´re fine! The subject says it all but a little bit of context if you don´t mind:

long story short, due to the covid confinement the final client renegotiated the contract and apparently the delivery dates were moved in time and the payments reduced and the company decided to lay off the external workers so my fellow colleagues and I have been laid off…

So now that I have time I´m updating skills, about to enroll in some courses and also I´m working in other projects and I thought that it could be a good idea to volunteer, I feel like I could be more generous in life right now. So I went to a couple of places with volunteers giving food/drinks and tried to check some tasks in a web looking for volunteers and I don´t fit there and it´s crowded. And I thought that I could do something related to what I know - maybe offer to help seniors with technology like when I help my parents? Set up the phones, TVs or help with the use of computers and such?

May I ask, what do you think? Have you volunteer in “engineering”/technology tasks?
Do you recommend something?
Have you worked in Engineers without borders by any chance?

Thanks and have a nice day! Cheers

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github - I think there is a special space for projects wanting help. Google is your friend I guess.

It’s a brilliant plan, mileage will vary and you may have to try a few avenues before finding one that works.


I’m volunteering at a company where i test their apps and they will help me with cyber security stuff. Always wanted to get into CS. Never too late to learn mew stuff

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Check out open source projects like Apache. They are always looking for help in development, reviews, testing, and documentation. Pick the project of your fancy, and you are all set!