Volunteering Your Skills

(Andy Carrington-Chappell) #1

Hi all,

Although I don’t have a cool project to offer out to all you fab people, I am looking for a way to exercise my own skills. I currently manage a team of testers who test insurance product…but that’s not where I have come from personally. I would like to provide my skills (as so keep them current) to companies / people that want test help.

Is there a site for freelancing as a tester specifically, and one that actually has worthwhile projects on it. Doesn’t have to be paid work, voluntary is cool with me also.


(John) #2

@inkyfreak Hi Andy,

if you are interested in mobile app testing you can try on https://betafamily.com it’s a platform where companies are releasing beta version of the app. Overall it’s free volunteering work but on some projects you can get some tips like $5 or more.

Also looking forward to find any other sources to improve my testing skills.

(George) #3

Hi Andy,
I offered up my company’s site to practice testing on yesterday (Products and sites to practice testing on). We provide an automated pairwise/combinatorial test design service. We have a new technology which can generate test cases (1) to cover output equivalence classes, (2) to cover class boundaries, including computing the input values to reach them, (3) to pair class boundaries for coverage of their corners. I anticipate creative testers may find more new uses. You’re welcome to try it out.

(Harsh) #4

We provide training in manual, Automation, API and Performance Testing. As part of the training we are always looking for real project to test and write automation tests against. Is it possible to sign up as a team or do we get our interns to sign up directly? Please let me know and if possible I would love to have a conversation about project you may have for testing.