If you want to propose improvements to the testing where you put emphasis and how you convince them?

Hi all,

If you want to improve the testing process without making the team afraid about change.
How you processed in different areas:

  • How you look for change ?
  • How to make sure the changes could be adapted to their context without causing problems in the long term ?
  • How you convince them that change is required if they are resistant to change ?

Ps: this is a general question (without a real example for the moment, but maybe in few months Iโ€™ll ask you the same question with an example)

Thank you


Hi Emna,

Great questions. Itโ€™s all about making people change behavior - so we have to consider a couple of viewpoints:

  • who has the formal and informal power in the team. Ie does everyone do as the team lead say, or are there others who direct or influence the team significantly the team?
  • does your imitative have formal backing? It might come from a retrospective as a team improvement, it might come from management, it might come from you yourself

many books have been written about the topic. A good place to start could be:



Thank you @jesper for the interesting points you mentioned about making people change behaviour !
It makes me think about the different personalities as well, few years ago the project manager did a personality test and asked everyone to send the result.

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