30 Days of Agile Testing - Day 28: Ways your team reacts to changes

The 30 Days of Agile Testing Day 28 task is:

Contribute to The Club ways in which your team reacts to changes

How does your team react to changes?


Manifesto for Agile Sofware says: “Responding to change over following a plan”. Dealing with changes is not always easy.
I love new challenge :muscle: but sometimes it scares me :cold_face:. As a team things are amplified.
The team as to be implicated on it and must NOT suffer it.
Communication, understanding of the problem and be part of the solution is helping to move from status quo.
The minset of the team is important: 5 Essential Mindsets for High-Performing Teams | Experience to Lead
If the team can not deal with changes is the team okay?


I personally make an effort to adapt to change, however if that change does bring in a negative impact, then I will challenge it. There are times where we go from agile to fragile (borderline waterfall) and that’s when I challenge these negative changes in the workflow. I have also had challenges with some developers sometime in which they want to merge their code without getting it properly tested first, but some of them have adapted to the retrospective new development and testing norms.

Since my team has followed V-modal which a sequential software development model changes were not welcomed. Any high level requirement change meant high cost. But in agile, change is embraced as an improvement. Because Agile’s sprint approach, customer involved approach and frequently delivered software approach defines a solid ground for change to be welcomed.

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Big changes can be scary (like when a takeover ends your project and you’re left in uncertainty) but it’s usually better to try and treat it like an opportunity. To either learn, grow or do something new.

Small changes should be business as usual. One should take a critical eye to see if things could have been anticipated for next time, but other than that, roll with the punches :slight_smile:

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