Importance of Dev/QA coordination while fixing the issues for any build release

We heard a lot about Dev/QA for the success of any product. Is it really important OR its just for discussion. Can anyone elaborate this.

My counter would be, from your perspective, what would make both dev and QA unimportant when it comes to fixing the issues for any build to be released?

How are you building/fixing without both roles?

I imagine if it is a problem with the environment and need support team or DBA to restart a server for example, then there isn’t a need for them, but even then you will want to perform some form of tests after it has been deployed to make sure it behaves as expected.

It’s good if Dev/QA working together while fixing the issues however it’s not mandatory for both to continously coordinate if the issues are defined/detailed correctly then the defined bug fixing process should be able to handle the build release. Important thing to remember is that both Dev/QA should have a clear & common understanding of the business requirenments while raising/fixing these issues.

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Although it is known that both QA & Dev teams have quite different processes and they usually do not rely on each other. The job of QA starts only after Dev team have completed their tasks.

QA personnel performs the regression testing on the updated build and provides the result, either passed OR failed. It is “Good to Go” signal for build if all the issues are fixed. However, if any of the defect is re-opened then again development team need to do the re-work on the issue. Developers will verify the code that was merged in the earlier build. Again, they have to execute all the required steps to re-fix the issue. After re-work is completed by Dev, QA will also repeat the testing process.

Certainly, for all the software testing companies, the above process is time consuming and further impacts the release schedule. This will certainly be concern for all the stakeholders.

We would suggest that a better co-ordination between QA and Development team should always be encouraged. This will not only help both the teams to verify any re-occurrence of the issues during fix but will also helps in maintaining the release schedule. QA shall not be required to wait for the build with code fixes to test all the defects in one go. But if QA works in co-ordination with Developers and find any issue then that issue should also be fixed in parallel. This mutual co-ordination would save extra efforts from both the teams and results would be affirmative & progressive all the time. QA can share the regression test cases with Dev team while they are fixing any important bug, so that Dev team can run those in Dev environment before generating the build. Or that Dev team should keep the QA team updated about the new features that will be available in upcoming builds so that QA can prepare the test suite or queries list before hand.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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When a issue is found on a released build, boths teams QA & Dev should start to work.
Dev team should fix the bug and create/update/modify the unit testing suite.
QA team should try to reproduce the bug in a pre-production environment, create the necessary automation artifacts to help speeding the manual testing of this bug and get ready to test the bug fixed version (regression testing + fixed bug testing)

The QA team should check the Dev team for the new fixed release (coordination).