Improve test coverage by parameterising tests with Playwright and other tools

Blogged: Improve test coverage by parameterising tests with Playwright and other tools


I have been using Playwright for a while now, it is a great UI automation solution (and more). Worked with the team to introduce a POM approach that is really working well.
The improvements to the base code is improving all the time.

Speed wise - it is incredible, in headless mode it is like lightning! Stable on locators too due to the way it handles elements and auto waits.

Worked with Selenium and Cypress before - Playwright is far superior in my opinion.


@clittlefair What is it that you like so much about Playwright?

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Hi @mikeharris
I have to say it is the stability and ease of use. I was impressed with Cypress for speed and stability over Selenium, but we needed to test ‘Webpack’ - hence the (at the time) reluctant move to a Microsoft solution.

Using JS was a bonus since it is something I am familiar with, but the ‘record test’ and ‘Element Identifier’ are excellent in giving you a good ‘start’ to the test development itself. (All running in VSCode)

Selenium was very much hit an miss for us - and maybe me at the time with little C# experience (language of choice by the developers). However since it was me that brought Playwright to my current company, I had free reign to get to understand and set it all up.

With our test environment, (we mainly test web and API) we have created methods so that junior testers can easily piece together tests with minimum effort. We are also able to run the tests against a ‘Browser / Mobile’ farm in the cloud - this gives us great coverage of browser and device support - all configured within Playwright itself.

Personally - I can see a great future for Playwright.

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+1 for playwright. It’s noticeably less flaky than selenium. unlike cypress it works with remote browsers and you don’t have to use javascript with it.

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