Feedback about Microsoft e2e testing tool Playwright

Hello everyone!

I’d like to know if any of you have any feedback to share about Playwright tool?

It look very cool and interesting, i’m on my way to try it by myself but maybe we can share feedbacks about it here, can be usefull for the entire community :wink:

So fell free to tell what you noticed with this tool !
Thx for your time!


I did check it out since I plan to do some videos on it but at the moment I have some mixed feelings about it. It does have some nice support and even has a kind of record and play play which will appeal to some users who want to do automation. But did not make up my mind on that at the moment.

But… I will make some videos, not sure if Java or another language yet

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Let me know please when videos are ready :slight_smile:

I use the original puppeteer all the time. I’m a big fan. It’s not strictly a test tool though so you have to bring your own test framework. Where as for cypress that is all bundled.