Are there any generic test scenarios or testing types that can't be achieved using Playwright?

In our continuing discussion on Playwright from our Ask Me Anything with @utchbe, Gaggan Rana posed an intriguing question about the framework’s limitations:

“Are there any generic test scenarios or testing types that can’t be achieved using Playwright?”

Answers to this question will help folks understand the boundaries and capabilities of Playwright in various testing environments. If you have insights or experiences regarding scenarios where Playwright might not be the ideal tool, we’d love to hear from you.


Depends on what we meant with “achieved using”.

If we mean “a test we can analyse solely with Playwright”, we would exclude any test that asks “is there a problem?” or “are we ok with this?” would require more than the tool.

If we mean “a test which can Playwright can support the execution and analysis”, then we would exclude any test whose interfaces with the product are not web-based interfaces (e.g. browsers and web APIs).


I understand the question as:
Can Playwright be used to test and automate anything?
The answer is no. And it would be no to any other tool.
Know the tool/s. Use them for what they are good at.

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