Interview tool for what a tester values

Shortly I will start to interview for positions within my new testing team.
I always missed something: a tool (or a way) that would help me to understand a tester’s values and how a tester thinks for certain aspects. I also wanted something that would not push for a right answer but for a answer that can be explained.
I came up with this:
During the interview I ask the testers to arrange the labels based on what they value. Then you can choose to ask “why is this more important?”, for answers that you consider right or wrong and have a bases for a conversation.
There is also a link for a printable copy. I started to use a printed plastic-coated paper version.

Any feedback would be more then welcomed. Especially if you have any ideas about what else can be added.


Do you have them do the full list and explain all their answers or do they select one “A over B” then explain why “A over B”, select “C over D” then explain why “C over D”?

I can see them taking a while to select all their answers. Then you’d be pressed for time to get their explanation of the answers. For this reason I’d prefer them to select one comparison, explain it, select the next comparison, explain it, etc.

If you are just comparing one concept over another then asking for an explanation, you don’t need the long list of “OVER” with different colours. If you are running short on time, you can stop at any point and move on to other parts of the interview.