Introduce a performance testing tool & service

Can anyone introduce a performance testing tool that you feel good about. I am currently using this called PerfDog.
It includes a deep analysis mode, offering in-depth insights into CPU scheduling, usage, thread running states, call stacks, and rendering screenshots. It allows me to pinpoint performance issues at the function or module level, enabling timely optimization and repairs. Additionally, PerfDog embraces collaboration with a web data management platform, facilitating multiple human collaboration analyses for comprehensive performance evaluation.
I think its pretty good but I am also looking for something better, has anyone get the same experience as me? Or can you recommend me some other tools?

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Try Jmeter or k6.


Although I haven’t worked with PerfDog Tool, I do have experience with other performance testing tools.To conduct these tests effectively, there are numerous tools and services available. Some of them are Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, WebLOAD, NeoLoad, Locust, LoadNinja, BlazeMeter.

Performance Testing has various types, such as Load Testing, Volume Testing, Stress Testing, Spike Testing, Scalability Testing, and Endurance Testing.