Perf Testing a Desktop Application - Suggestions?

Hey all.

So I have a question for our experts. I need to check/benchmark/monitor the UI performance of my companies desktop application.
BE testing is all taken care of so we are not concerned with that aspect. Also, we are not web-based currently so some tools that measure website speed, etc wouldn’t really apply.

That being said we are electron-based, so we do have access to Chrome’s Dev Tools and currently use Lighthouse but its not ideal as its a very manual process.

I am looking for something we can execute as part of a build process or a job we can kick-off that will take our benchmark values and run though some screens or scenarios in the app and tell us if there are any issues with timings such as First Paint or until the element is active.

I am not above using some libraries or packages that we can integrate into our dev builds.

Suggestions … thoughts … complaints? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be worth seeing if you can integrate That would give you a means of collecting and reporting on performance data while the app is in normal use (or when automated tests are running).

Thanks for the reply @tomakehurst
I was looking at this yesterday as well as it looks quite decent. I am going to do a POC and evaluate this tool.