Introduction to VR Testing Masterclass - Further Discussion

(Heather) #1

Tonight, we had the awesome @syed.ali for a Masterclass introducing us to VR Testing.

A recording of the masterclass will be available to Pro Dojo members in the masterclass section.

A lot of us associate VR with gaming but it has a vast array of other possibilities. I found it interesting to hear how testing fits in with VR.

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight or you’d like to continue the conversation, why not ask them here?

(Heather) #2

Some resources discussed in the presentation:

Thanks to @maiknog for this one

(Charles) #3

There was also:

posted on testers slack too!

(Aine McGovern) #4

An interesting link shared by MaikNog on Twitter


(Nick) #5

I mentioned FCAT VR from NVIDIA. I’ve played with it briefly but not too much. It’ll measure frame rates as well as frames not rendered in time for the display Vsync (missed frames)

(Heather) #7

The video is now available on the Dojo :slight_smile: