Is uploading the pictures is possible with selenium in C#

Is uploading the pictures is possible with selenium in C# . Please help me to accomplish this task . I have been trying this task since last month but could not able to run the code in visual studio. . Please let me know if anybody is interested in this topic

Hello @satveerqa,

Please can you share a link to the site/page where you are trying to upload pictures? Also can you share some code you already have so we can try look and see what may be wrong?



Is the image a screenshot taken using Selenium? Is it represented in your code as an Image object? Also, the place you are uploading to - is in an API end point?

You probably can’t do it “in Selenium” per se, but certainly you could write some C# code to upload it to whichever end point you like.

@paulmaxwellwalters @vivrichards Yeah Please see the last line in screenshot where I am getting error I am using the sendkeys for uploading the pictures

|See the screenshot in the last line xpath is given for button from where I can click and open the local computer for uploading the files and sendkeys is the path from where I wanted to upload the pictures

If I removed IWEbElement fileupload from last line then there is different error then it doesn’t click on the upload button