Jenkins tuts for newbies

(Anna) #1

Hey guys,
I’m a mostly manual QA with solid automation knowledge. I would like to learn Jenkins, but we don’t use it in my company.
Do you have some tips how could I learn how to use it and what would I need to be able to learn this in practice (I imagine a working project with tests?)? Theory is one thing, but it’s the practice knowledge that sticks in memory best. Where would I find examples of real life usage of Jenkins (e.g. how it’s organized in the company).


(T.J. Maher) #2

The best documentation is on the official Jenkins site.

I would start with the Guided Tour of Jenkins:

Maybe the Jenkins wiki would help?

Or their GitHub site?

(T.J. Maher) #3

Jenkins has a new product for non-experts. Blue Ocean.

(Anna) #4

thanks foryour input :slight_smile:
do testers use that blueocean? - because i haven’t heard about it in my area.

do i install this locally or do i need to have a hosting provider that gives support for installing jenkins on the server?